Smart patio

What makes a Smart Patio ‘smart’? Innovation is the key factor that separates Smart Patio + from our competitors. Our designers have created louvered covers for outdoor spaces that not only keep out the sun’s intense rays, but are also able to move with the sun to continue blocking out heat and UV rays throughout the day and evening hours. The result is a cool oasis in the hot California summer- or wherever you happen to install our Smart Patio products. Our unique design offers a 170-degree pivot capability to enhance all of your outdoor activities.

How Can I Reclaim My Outdoor Space?

Have you stopped entertaining outdoors in the summer months or forgotten what it feels like to cook out on a CA summer day? The sun can claim large portions of the calendar year, making homeowners feel without options to enjoy time in the fresh air. If you’re thinking about building a structure and installing air conditioning, you may as well add on to your home. There’s only one way to get back out-of-doors without feeling like you’re baking in the heat; Smart Patio + invites you to take a closer look at our patented Struxure, a louvered cover system that blocks out the heat & damaging rays, allowing you and your guests to spend quality time outside.

Are All Patio Covers the Same?

Not by a long shot. Smart Patio + offers homeowners triple control while enjoying time in their patio space; it’s based on our one-of-a-kind pivot-slide-adjust system. Here’s how Smart Patio works:

  • Our Patio cover pivots to keep the sun from beating down on your patio space, to protect you and family or guests regardless of the sun’s position in the sky.
  • The ‘slide’ feature of Smart patio is what sets it apart from other covers. When the sun begins to set low in the sky, our entire louvered system opens up to provide you an open space above while maintaining protection from intense heat.
  • Adjustable louvers allow you to close off the top entirely for maximum shade during the hottest part of the day.

Smart, Affordable Technology

Nothing else works like Smart Patio +. You can request a free estimate for your patio space when you call one of our technicians or contact us through the Smart Patio + website. You’ll also find additional information available on our site when you click the FAQ link, browse our photo gallery, or visit the ‘Products’ section to see what we have available for your patio. We’re proud to offer financing to make owning our system a more affordable venture.

Take Back your backyard spaces and enjoy barbecuing, entertaining, or just relaxing on your own property without having to take respite indoors continuously throughout the day. You’ll not only stay cooler in the hot, summer months when you install Smart Patio +, but you’ll find that you’ll also enjoy more time with the people you care about most.

Smart patio

Smart Patio Plus